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Open and powerful database reporting tool. Seal Report offers a framework for producing every day reports
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3 February 2014

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This is a database reporting tool.

Seal Report is an open and feature rich database reporting tool. Users would be able to obtain the details necessary for reports about any database. After the initial set up getting reports published is easy and takes minutes only. Report formats can be designed easily. This is an open source product, written in C# for the .NET environment. This tool is able to build the SQL query necessary to find details. You could specify the SQL of your own too. The tool lets you create Microsoft style charts in couple of clicks, you need to simply drag & drop the data into them. Pivot tables can be built similarly by dropping data directly into the pivot tables. This application also lets you use HTML 5 to tweak tables, table sorting and filtering. The tool has built in Razor engine that could be used to parse the HTML5 statements.

A task scheduler available lets you execute reports and generate results in folders. You would be able to send these reports by email too. The interface is quite intuitive and just about anybody should be able to get productive with it in short time. The task scheduler works in conjunction with the Windows task scheduler that is built in. If you would like the reports could be published on the web, that’s possible too. You are going to need the IIS 7 or 8 installed along with MVC4. The environment need to be one of Windows XP, Vista, 2003, Windows 7, 2008, 2012 or Windows 8. .Net Framework 4.0 and database OLE DB or ODBC driver is essential. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, you should try it in your exact workflow.

Publisher's description

Seal Report is an open and powerful database reporting tool. It offers a complete framework for producing every day reports from any database.
The product focuses on an easy installation and report design: Once setup, reports can be built and published in a minute.
Seal Report is an Open Source for the Microsoft .Net Framework entirely written in C#.
Main Features:
- Dynamic SQL sources: Use either your SQL or let the Seal engine build dynamically the SQL used to query your database.
- Native Pivot Tables: Simply drag and drop elements directly in a pivot table (Cross Tab) and display them in your report.
- Microsoft Charts: Define and display Chart Series in two mouse clicks.
- HTML5 Rendering using Razor engine: Use the power of HTML5 in the report result (Tabs, Tables sorting and filtering). Customize your report presentation in HTML with the Razor engine parsing.
- Web Report Server: Publish your reports on the web (requires Internet Information Server 7 or 8 with MVC4).
- Task Scheduler: Schedule your report executions and generate results in folders or send them by emails ((integrated with the Windows Tasks Scheduler).
- Low TCO (total cost of ownership): The product is designed for minimal ongoing maintenance.
Seal Report
Seal Report
Version 1.2.1
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